Social Media Advertising

Reach a large number of people within seconds of posting an ad. Increase website traffic,
drive more conversions and succeed on social media through targeted campaigns.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is an offshoot of digital marketing where paid ad campaigns are run on social media platforms to reach target audiences. Marketers and advertisers can promote their brands and inspire sales
through the social channels that users frequently use.

Benefits Of Social
Media Advertising

1. Improve your brand

When done correctly, social media marketing can have a positive impact on your brand. it can help
humanize your company while building trust, loyalty,
authority and recognition. By posting content that
shows the people behind your brand as well as real
users of your product, you can build brand credibility
and trustworthiness. People like to see authenticity.
By living out your brand values and putting employees' and customers' needs first, your brand can stand out
from the rest.

2. Creative Campaigns

Campaign creatives are ad copies (messaging)
and visuals (images, gifs, and videos). The campaign
creatives should be prepared by taking into account
the target audience and platform guidelines.
For example, visuals with too much text don’t perform
well on Facebook. The same audience visits different
platforms with a different mindset. Therefore, it is
advised to customize the creatives for each platform.
You can run A/B tests by tweaking the copy and visuals
to optimize the performance.

2. Engage the audience

Social Media is not only a good way to grow brand awareness, but it also offers. companies the chance to engage, respond to posts, share user-generated content, and follow up with dissatisfied customers. Unlike traditional media like radio, television, newspapers, and magazines, social media allows customers and businesses to interact. Getting customers' perspectives on your products and services is easier than ever, thanks to social media. You can share new content and get immediate feedback on your company's offerings, as well as see what people are saying about your company on their own accounts.

5.Impact sales and conversion rates

Successfully marketing your brand or a specific
product on social media should have a positive
impact on sales and conversion. Ultimately, of
course, that's the goal of spending on any types
of marketing. While many of the leads gained
from social media are considered top-of-funnel,
Industry Research found the average person
spends 147 minutes- or nearly two and half
hours on social media each day.

This means your content will be seen widely
and if effective, it can compel viewers to become

3. Promote customer service

Your company may already have chat, email and phone lines dedicated to serving your customers,
but social media is another. great way to connect. Additionally, since the criticism you receive over social media is very public by nature, a well-timed and thoughtful reply shows your broader audience that you're listening to feedback and responding. Providing a resolution to an upset customer not
only increases the chance of that customer shopping with your company again. It also shows other consumers the type of service you offer - building trust and loyalty

6. Improve search engine result page (SERP) presence

Google is constantly pulling information from social media platforms - such as Instagram images, Facebook pages, — such as Instagram images, and tweets — into its search engine results. By successfully marketing your brand on social media, you increase your SERP presence as well. Keeping an eye on what’s new and trending can help you cater your social content to the needs of the public while adding your brand’s unique flair. Think of the questions your audience may have and how specifically they would phrase their questions in a search engine. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow you to make edits after posting, so if more relevant questions and keywords arise, you can make changes as needed.