Digital Audio Advertising

Use audio’s unique ability to create “theatre of the mind” with your ideal audience!
We’ll help you paint vivid images of your business with clients and customers while they
listen to their favourite music and podcasts.

Digital Audio

What is Digital Audio Advertising?

Digital audio advertising is the process of inserting ads into digital audio content in order to reach listeners.
This allows advertisers to connect with audiences while they're already enjoying the content they love—
be it music, podcasts, or digital radio shows.

Benefits of Digital Audio Advertising


High-Targeted Audience Reach

Audio advertising reaches your audience differently. There are increasing ways to consume media through audio formats, and such services need high involvement from the audience. So, these platforms can be used to your advantage. (Spotify, Apple, radio AM/PM)

Greater Brand Awareness

Digital Audio ads are designed to make brands more familiar with listeners who do not have time to read long-form content or watch longer video ads when they want to hear an informative message about a certain brand, product or service. With shorter forms of media becoming the preferred means of communication, it’s no surprise that brands are increasingly turning to programmatic audio ads as a way to reach millions of listeners.

Audio Ad Creative Flexibility

The more customization and personalization applied to audio ad content, the more effective it will be in reaching interested listeners. You can now use tools that allow you to deliver dynamic ads based on who the audience is, so you can deliver hundreds of ad variations that are highly targeted. (Podcasts, Radio Ads, etc)

Highly Engaged Listeners

Listeners are not distracted or interrupted by digital audio the same way they are when watching television programs or online videos; therefore, they are less likely to switch to an alternate activity. Digital audio ads provide greater freedom for listeners since they are played in the background or while engaged in another activity.

Digital Audio Is Effective

The sheer catchiness of audio ads actually lends to a
sort of stickiness that's been known to improve engagement 4X across accompanying search and social campaigns. So, if awareness and clicks are goals of your integrated marketing, then you're definitely going to want to have a digital audio strategy.

Improved Sales and ROI

The main goal in any advertising campaign should be to improve sales and ROI. Fortunately, programmatic audio advertising enables brands to target their ads to likely customers by leveraging specific data points, such as geographic location or website interests. This valuable insight can give advertisers a valuable edge in reaching key people who are more likely to purchase.

Types of Digital Audio

Digital Audio

Audio Ads

Just like video, ad placements can be: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. This means your ad can be played before, during, and after a streaming session. These are typically 15, 30, or 60 seconds long with no visuals.

Pre-Roll: Video advertisement that automatically
plays directly before a featured video on both mobile
and desktop.
Mid-Roll: Video ad that plays in the middle of content,
rather than before or after the publisher's video content.
Post-Roll: An ad which plays once an audio program has concluded or is about to end.

Digital Audio

Ad Sequencing

Tell a story through multiple ads over time. Many use it
to create brand awareness and end the sequence with a
compelling call-to-action.

Digital Audio

Skippable Ads

Utilize the first few seconds to grab people’s attention before
they skip. Pre-roll and mid-roll ads can have the option to be skippable. It’s a good option for advertisers to experiment with
their content and observe listener behaviour and interests!

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