Mobile ID Targeting

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What is Mobile ID Targeting?

Mobile device ID targeting allows you to gather information about your targeted customer such as
their email engagement, offline purchases at retail stores, online browser searches, where they live,
demographic data, etc. Typical advertising IDs are AdID (Android) and IDFA (Apple). Mobile advertising IDs
 allow developers and marketers to track activity for advertising purposes. They're also used to enhance serving
and targeting capabilities.

Benefits of Mobile
ID Targeting

Reach Consumers At The Right Time & Place

By targeting people who were at your business, a competitor’s location, or an area that is relevant to your business and where your ideal consumer would be, Device ID Targeting promotes engagement and boosts conversions.

Benefit From Conquest Visitor Targeting

If someone has visited your competitor’s location, you already know they are interested in your services. If they become familiar with your brand and have had a negative experience with your competitor, they may then become a potential customer.

Retarget Direct Consumers

A direct consumer is someone who has already visited your business or a competitor’s location and should be retargeted. If a company does not collect contact information from customers, Device ID Targeting can assist them in reengaging with past customers and keep your company top of mind for returning customers.

Target A Radius Around Your Business Location

Customers within a certain radius of your organization could be targeted at certain times of day. For example, a coffee shop might serve ads to consumers nearby from 6am-12pm to increase foot traffic to their location.

Target Consumers In Relevant Locations

The device ID can also be used to serve advertisements or collect
data from relevant locations to your business where your ideal consumer is likely to be.

Target Devices At Events

You can use Device ID Targeting at events related to your business to get in front of a large number of people that may be interested in your

When To Use Mobile
ID Targeting

Mobile ID Targeting

A marketing team may want to target anyone who has visited a competing store or people who work at nearby businesses.

You can use DID to find customers who are interested in doing home improvement projects. You can gather information about homeowners and their interests. Recruitment for Blue Collar Workers: Gathering data on job seekers in your area or the specific location you want to target can do wonders for your marketing strategy. 

Using information from customers’ previous visits to restaurants, you can create an advertisement targeted to customers have been in these areas.

Mobile device ID targeting can map out other car dealerships or used car lots to promote a dealership’s parts and services. 

These dealerships want to reach out to auto owners who need oil changes or other maintenance is done to their cars.

DID can map out all breweries and restaurants with specialty beer on tap, to target those consumers to come to their event.

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