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The Goal

To aid in the recovery of local businesses and encourage tourism.

Better Together!

Since 1980, the Association of Professionals, Industrials and Traders of Aylmer (APICA) has strived to stimulate and support all those who do business in Aylmer in order to meet the challenges of socioeconomic development of the region.

APICA organizes activities that bring together the whole community and offer festival-goers the opportunity to discover both the shops of Vieux-Aylmer and its historical and cultural heritage: Le Vieux-Aylmer se sucre le bec (March) and the Festival du Vieux-Aylmer (August).

Their advertising objective is to promote the many fantastic businesses, attractions, restaurants, festivals and events in Aylmer, Quebec throughout the year.

Aylmer is known as one of the best areas in the Gatineau region because of its unique location, marina and proximity to Gatineau Park.

APICA takes great pride in this exceptionally beautiful part of Gatineau and they feel that everyone should experience and enjoy it.  They promote tourism to the area which benefits the folks who visit and helps to drive the regional economy.

In 2018, Ad Caffeine introduced APICA to targeted Programmatic Advertising and formed a partnership with the association. We greatly enjoy our partnership with APICA along with helping them with all of their digital marketing needs.  Ad Caffeine is also thrilled to be directly involved with each of the events in the region which affords us a perfect opportunity to connect with all of our fellow members.

Like many commercial communities, 2020 hit local businesses in Aylmer hard with most suffering significant losses due to the shutdowns caused by the pandemic.  APICA went to work and set out on a mission to accelerate recovery for their members.

With the most critical component of their revitalization strategy being their marketing, Ad Caffeine worked very closely with the Association of Professionals, Industrials and Traders of Aylmer to spark a resurgence of visitors to the area.  In 2021, we augmented their already successful Data Driven Advertising with highly targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns, animated videos and carousels. 

The indefatigable efforts of APICA combined with the latest advances in digital marketing has indeed stimulated the local economy! Tourism is up and large amounts of new faces can be seen visiting the region.  Summer shopping has been exceptional, and we are anticipating the same for the Fall!  Not surprising with all the lifestyle, gourmet food, family activities, events and festivals that Aylmer has to offer.  With our ongoing top of mind campaign at the foundation of our strategy, Ad Caffeine and APICA just need to help remind people of what they have been missing!

“The association has seen many new people visiting the Aylmer area, members have also noticed an increase in traffic with new clients from other regions including a large amount of Ottawa visitors. During the festivals, the attendance has increased drastically in 2019 and for 2021, we are expecting record crowds!”
Nathalie Rodrigue
Marketing Director

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