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The Goal

Make Aquatarium a must-see destination!

Jump in… the water’s warm!

The Aquatarium is a registered not-for-profit charity whose mission it is to inspire curiosity through enriching and entertaining experiences. The Aquatarium offers a full range of interactions & activities for kids, teens and adults, as guests are encouraged to experience life in the 1000 Islands region. Guests participate in hands-on interactive exhibits as well as seeing many species of fish and animals, such as otters, native to the St. Lawrence River. They have several replica ships that are found in the St. Lawrence river, as well as amazing experiences such as green screen adventures and a saltwater touch tank! They seek to rekindle a passion for learning and engage visitors in the distinctive history, culture and environment of the 1000 Islands.

Their advertising objective was to attract young families and tourist to their array of fun and educational attractions.  However, the age old and all-important three elements to success “location, location, location” was not working in Aquatarium’s favor.  They are situated in the small town of Brockville, Ontario and competing against larger facilities, attractions, and museums in other densely populated centers.

Before partnering with Ad Caffeine, Aquatarium advertised with mediums like Print, Radio, TV, Billboards, Flyers, and Trade Shows.   Although these forms of advertising have their place in marketing, a non-profit needs to be extremely tactical with how they allocate their limited budget.   Although these traditional “mass medium” vehicles do indeed have a broad reach, only a very small percentage of their overall audience typically fit the demographic that Aquatrium wanted to appeal to.

Aquatarium attended one of Ad Caffeine’s famous educational presentation sessions and subsequently started Data Driven advertising with Ad Caffeine when they were just two years young. They opened their doors in 2016 and jumped on board with Ad Caffeine in 2018.

Since then, we have been a close partner helping pinpoint their specific target markets based on several highly precise criteria like age, income, home ownership, number of children, geographical location, and individuals and families that have visited similar venues in the past few months!   As such, they have eliminated their previous mass media spoilage and created a significant impact with their precise audience across the St. Lawrence Seaway and all the way to Ottawa/Gatineau region.

With Ad Caffeine’s help, Aquatarium have very successfully established themselves as a fantastic family destination!  We’re proud of our ongoing partnership and delighted to continue helping them promote their super fun events, summer day camps as well as new animal arrivals and attractions!  

When we ask the folks at Aquatarium why they like working with us, they say that they enjoy the ability to easily change or modify campaigns and, of course the results! From launching new creative to changing targeted areas, we can turn things around on a dime and take an entirely different direction within a day or two!

We are happy to say that more and more tourists visit Aquatarium every year, summer camps get fully booked well in advance and they’ve become a highly established and well-recognized brand!

“Working with Ad Caffeine has been a wonderful experience! From creation of ads to understanding reports and analytics. Seeing results from our marketing efforts is fantastic. A service that we truly recommend!”
Sarah Laturnus
Manager of Public Relations

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